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Tui was born in Colac Bay, New Zealand, to a father who was an established ceramic artist and surfboard sculptor, and a mother who painted, and illustrated books.
Her childhood was mostly spent creating, with television being reserved for ‘rainy days’, and the invention of the iPad still at least half a decade away.

A Certificate in Applied Arts gained from the Southern Institute of Technology supported her into the next phase of digital media, however she continues to view the computer as ‘just another paintbrush’ in the tool kit, and believes the best ideas come about through old fashioned pen-to-paper.

Self expression through creativity continues from her home base in Marlborough,
with her recent works exploring mixed media and ceramic processes.

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In late 2007, an advertisement in The Southland Times was seeking graphic designers for their art department. Using ‘Paint’ software on the family laptop, Tui created an advertisement for herself, rather than sending in the requested Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter.

The point of difference landed her the job, and at age 18 she found herself stepping into the corporate world of Fairfax media. This graced her with the opportunity to learn from many other designers, some whom had been working there for over 30 years, as well as the experience of a fast paced publication environment.
The experience was reasonably short lived, and after 18 months she found herself on the shortlist of a nationwide redundancy sweep, due to theĀ global financial crisis.

Following this, and a short burst of travel to Europe, she moved to Christchurch to complete a Diploma in Visual Communication at the Design and Arts College of New Zealand.

Having now worked as a commercial artist for over ten years, Tui has developed a unique style in vector graphics. Combining traditional media with digital practice, she works closely with her clients to communicate their message visually.

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