The Perception Project

I have been blessed to have a few people close to me in life who have struggled with the way our world can be displayed. Often labelled as broadly as “dyslexic” (and although they have each had many things in common) I have learnt that no two dyslexic minds are the same. As a result I’ve realised that a different form of communication is often needed to get a message across to these individuals – unlike others, they can’t always rely on the written word.

As an illustrator my job is to interpret words into pictures, to enhance the message contained, and make them more enjoyable for the reader. In this field I have been blessed to cross paths with many creative people, including writers and artists. I conceived The Perception Project as an opportunity for us to collaborate for a good cause.

The idea of interpreting words is not new. We have emoticons, Braille, and I believe there is work underway on developing a dyslexic ‘font’. However what is unique about The Perception Project is the quality and variation of submissions from those who have chosen to collaborate.

And so, the concept was this:
Writers were asked to each submit a piece of text, up to 200 words, with a theme of communication or miscommunication. These texts were then distributed to an ‘Artist’ to interpret in a form not requiring words. The submissions include Musical, Dance, Video, Painting, Sculpture and Photography.

Here are some of the works that were included in this project, click on the image to view the accompanying text. The aim is that the viewer may ‘feel’ or understand the message more strongly than they may have if reading the text on its own.