How much does a graphic designer cost?

It depends entirely on your project. Like many service industries, there are often two ways a project may be charged.

The first is a flat rate, in which the designer will give your their hourly rate (usually excluding GST) and a rough approximation of how long your project might take. This generally suits smaller projects, tweaks to existing designs, etc, and does not include materials cost.

A second approach is to ask for a quote. Most designers will happily quote your project free of charge. This method of pricing is more suited to larger projects such as logo design and branding, publication or website design.

Within the quote there will often be clauses stating how many changes the client can make within that price, and that additional alterations can be made at a specified hourly rate.

A general guideline for what some common design jobs might cost you in New Zealand:

  • Logo design: Can be anywhere between $100 and into the thousands, depending on the scale of your company and the depth of branding you will need for your industry.
  • Business card design: $50 – $250 (*does not include logo design)
  • Publication design (Books, magazines etc). These are best quoted per project as the vary hugely depending on the amount of content and whether you are supplying it digitally or you require your designer to source images and type the text.
    Expect a minimum of a labour charge of 30 minutes per page.
  • Advertisement (magazine or social media post, supplied digitally) $50 – $300
  • Fliers/posters: from $250
  • Website design: from $1000. (*does not include domain and ongoing maintenance)

Keep in mind that every job is different and there is no guarantee to an exact cost. The best thing you can do to save yourself money is to be prepared. Know what you are asking for. If you want a logo, find some examples that you like. If you are creating a publication, make sure your content (text and images) is in a high quality digital format and easily accessible, using drop box, google drive or a USB.

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