Before you hire a graphic designer, do this:

3 steps that will save you time and frustration

Hiring a graphic designer is exciting, because it means you’re at a stage in your business where you are ready to translate your ideas into marketable products.

Before you do, however, here are 3 practices that will save you time and frustration.

Stop.  That’s right, to move forward, stop for a moment and sit with your idea. All successful clients that I’ve worked with have had their “ah ha” moment, during a moment of solitude, peace or vacation. It’s hard to be inspired when you are juggling 2 teenagers, employees, a renovation and what you are making for dinner.
Whether you mediate, walk in nature or visit the beach, take at least an hour out for yourself, with a pad and pen to note down anything that comes to mind about your project. Think about what you want your designer to achieve for you. Write down your values and ethics, your ideal customer, what defines a good design for you.

Know what you like. Take the time to research existing brands, but don’t labor over it. 2 or 3 examples to show your designer is plenty. Look up your competitors, and other brands, what you think works and what doesn’t. It will save you time and money if your designer can know from the beginning that you don’t like floral lace patterns, but love abstract watercolor and geometric shapes.

Be open minded, and ask for two concepts. If your budget and deadline allows, ask your designer to present you with two variations on your concept. You will be able to compare side by side, and will generally favor one over the other or, you will be able to point out the elements you like from each, for your designer to move forward and refine it.


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