A good strong cup of….

This morning, I made a full plunger of coffee, thinking, “two cups should have the desired effect”.

As I went to pour my second mug, the pathetic dribble that splashed around the bottom announced that I had in fact already HAD my second cup, and the little clock on my computer screen is screaming, ITS MIDDAY! GO AND WASH YOUR FACE!

Its midday, its Friday already, and 2019! what the! what happened to that Y2K bug everyone was going on about almost 20 years ago….

coffee mug by kylie matheson
Gorgeous wee mug by Dunedin Artist, Kylie Matheson, gifted to me by my father. Now, sadly void of coffee. (Seafood icon design concepts in progress in the background)
Whoah up a minute. Two things I need to remind myself here

Be Present

Currently, I’m putting together a book written by my dear friend and motivational speaker, Michael Conway.

Mikey was born with Spinabifida, but as he claims, it wasn’t born with him. It doesn’t define him, and he’s easily the most positive person I know, despite difficulties he faces on a daily basis. (Check out https://www.facebook.com/adventureswithspinabifida/ )

As I was composing one of the pages in his book this morning, a sentence jumped out at me:

You can’t change the past, so accept it. You don’t know where the future will take you, you only know right now!!

A timely reminder echoing Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and the words at Matthew 6.34.

Right now, I’m good. Full of (coffee) beans, and ticking off what I wanted to achieve, even if its not as fast as the high expectations of myself demanded.

Be organised

I’ve found that planning out my weeks has been the best way to counteract feelings of overwhelm, something that would render me feeling powerless and incompetent in the past.

free wall planner insta

A diary is a great tool, but this year I’ve created a wall planner. I used something similar last year, and it helped to stay on track to achieving goals (and not forget important events!)

I’d love to share it with you, if ya reckon it might come in handy. I’ve set it up nice and big at A1 size, 594 x 841mm, so you won’t need elves to write in the boxes for you. Your local print shop should do you a deal, and if you’re on a tight budget, ask for black and white plan printing.

Click this link to claim yours:  —–>  http://eepurl.com/gdKCVH
and lets smash 2019!

Aroha nui, Tui.

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